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My other half - 1

First we met on August 2013, then on End of September 2013, on December our movie first date, I love the way you watch the movie, so calm and easy going (i'm stunning) 

On March 2014 after 3 months not any texting and sweet talks, LoL what?? we met again to solve our problem, u told me that u are serious for our relationship, ok we'll go to next level..

We getting to know each other again, try to make a good relationship from the beginning again, but we know we dont want another date again, coz i think that waste my time, and i hate "pacaran",  I hate "malam mingguan" and it means nothing for me again ,  so we texting only for serious talk & appoinment..

On July you introduce me to your family, I was soo Happy 😍
On September i was so Happy again, my status got to change coz we finally got engaged,  I means "lamaran" 
On October 2014, after you said in front of my parent for "ijab kabul", you and me become one, so luvly, I was Happy, Happy, and sooo Happy, no one words that can describe my feeling, every woman's dream, yeah haha 😍😍

My other half ( Bag. 1)

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